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Willship is an Award-Winning International Vehicle Shipping Company with over 50 years experience.

5 Main Reasons Why Our Clients Choose To Ship Their Cars

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Vehicles are often worth more in the New Zealand, so sending the car across can be a great financial decision

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Immigrants and returning residents can take advantage of import tax exemptions

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They don't have to go through the hassle of selling their vehicle for a significant loss.

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Some car models are simply too rare and exquisite to attempt to purchase again

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They simply love their car and want to take it everywhere with them!

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Do You Have Car Shipping Concerns? Willship Can Help.

  • will my vehicle arrive safely?
  • what documentation do I need to prepare?
  • will I need to pay tax?
  • can I leave anything in the car?
  • what will happen at the destination?
  • how long does it take to ship my vehicle?
  • how much will it cost?

At Willship, we make the process simple and easy for you. Our shipping experts are here to handle it all and answer all your questions.

Safe And Reliable

A Safe & Reliable Journey With High-Tech Shipping

Care In Every Step. With our interactive online platform, data is always logged providing real-time tracking as your vehicle moves from one stage to the next.

  • Transferring to the tow truck
  • The tow truck's delivery off to the port
  • Arrival in the port
  • Movement from the port on to the vessel
  • Movement to the final destination port
  • Securing clearnance through quarantine and customs
  • Transfer to the destination tow truck
  • Final delivery to the specified address

Relax And Let Us Do All The Work For You

This includes:

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Understanding your personal situation and creating the best plan

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Complete documentation support

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All customs and quarantine clearances

On-road road compliance, including inspections and safety checks in order to register your vehicle in the destination country (optional)

On-road road compliance, including inspections and safety checks in order to register your vehicle in the destination country (optional)

No hidden charges. We'll show you exactly what you can expect in terms of costs.

No hidden charges. We'll show you exactly what you can expect in terms of costs.

You Name It, We Ship It!

Worldwide Routes

We Can Move It All

Vehicles, Caravans, Motorhomes, Trailer Boats, Motorcycles, Machinery - All Over The World.

Please Click On The Below Destination For Information Specific To Each Location

Client Testimonials

We have shipped thousands of vehicles in and out of New Zealand so we understand the importance of looking after your baby. We’ll always take the utmost care and consideration when moving your goods from one place to another. Whether you are purchasing a luxury or classic car from overseas or you're moving to New Zealand and want to take your cargo with you, you can trust us with your shipping needs. Willship is your international shipping partner that you can depend on and our past clients can attest to our proven track record!

Frequently Asked Questions

Australia To New Zealand RoRo Shipping

1. Am I allowed to leave items in my vehicle?

2. Why is it prohibited to leave items in my car when shipping Roll on, Roll off?

3. Can I still ship my car while it’s still under finance?

4. What if I am unable to obtain a registration certificate or a purchase invoice/bill of sale?

5. Should I apply for GST exemption?

6. Can I drop my car off or pick it up directly from the port?

7. Do you have to be present when the vehicle is picked up?

8. Do I have to be in New Zealand to pick up my car?

9. Is it okay to leave a baby seat in my car?

10. What is the compliance process like?

11. Why do I need to have my car inspected?

12. Can I get my car roadworthy here for it to be complied in New Zealand?

13. If I want to proceed with a booking, what steps should I take next?

14. When must I pay my invoice?

15. How clean should my car be?

16. Are you able to assist with compliance in Lyttleton or Nelson?

17. How long does it take to receive my vehicle after the vessel arrives?

18. How much does quarantine cleaning cost if my vehicle fails it’s inspection?




Over $1.4 Billion worth of cargo is trusted to Willship to be shipped every year

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Extremely safe and proven process



Deep relationships with our trusted network of staff and contractors ensures that your goods arrive safely

Priority service every time

Award Winning Industry Leader

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Best International Automotive Cargo Logistics Enterprise - 2021

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Award for Innovation in End-to-End Freight Transport - 2021

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Freight Forwarder of the Year Award - 2018

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Young Achievement Award 2018 (Nick Proctor)

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Young Achievement Award 2018 (Mel Mather)

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Freight Forwarder of the Year Award - 2017

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Young Maritime Professional of the Year 2016